New Modding Project Looking for Case


Limp Gawd
Nov 29, 2011
Hi [H],

I wanted to get your thoughts on some cases for a new modding project I'm kicking off after Christmas.

I'm looking for something that will support a 480 rad (not opposed to 360 rads) and has enough room to add water distribution plates and possibly multiple loops. Class is a must.

480 Rad Support
  1. Thermaltake P5 Tempered Glass
  2. Thermaltake 900 Tower
  3. Phanteks Project 916
360 Rad Support
  1. X2 Syrius
  2. Enthoo Evolve Tempered Glass
  3. Corsair Crystal 570x
Any thoughts, ideas or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Seems like everything I'm looking at for 480 rad support is not available.

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Fractal Design NA

Sales and Community Manager
Apr 28, 2016
The Define S has been extremely popular for modding in general, and it's gotten especially positive feedback when it comes to water cooling setups. No 480 support, but you can do up to 420 in the top alongside a 360 in the front, there are pre-drilled holes on the bottom panel for DDC and D5 pumps, and it's got adjustable mounting brackets for pretty much any reservoir with a rectangular screw pattern.

Guarana [BAWLS]

Oct 3, 2001
I have the enthoo evolv, and I'm not sure where you'd go, there's not a ton of modding potential in the design, due to how functional everything is.