New Define 6 case is picky with which USB's sticks I use ??


Aug 13, 2014
Okay here goes. My old case is the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 the front 3.0 ports worked fine no problems with both my Kingston 3.1 and my SanDisk 3.1 USB drives. Both USB's by the way aren't even a year old.

The front USB 3.0 ports aren't working correctly having disconnecting/connecting issues and if I go to "This PC" I can't see the USB drive and the PC would be slow/black screen and the only way to get the PC working again is to manually yank the Kingston 3.1 USB stick out.

SanDisk 3.1 works perfect with the case. So now I'm thinking it's a bad USB stick the Kingston 3.1 but it worked fine days prior on my old case.

Here's the kicker though when I plug the Kingston 3.1 USB directly into the motherboard in the back it works perfect and that's with testing like about a dozen times from the back and not once it it failed.

So to summarize the SanDisk 3.1 works everywhere back and front no problem. The Kingston 3.1 will work fine on front USB 2.0 ports and the back but won't work properly on the front USB 3.0 ports.

So why is this happening and have you ever heard of this problem before ?