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    Jun 30, 2016
    System in sig.... had CPU for about 2 years now in a h81 asrock board, running stock no overclocking options...

    I7 4790S (Engineering Sample)
    reads 3.2ghz, but always ran 3.6ghz according to hwmonitor and other programs.... would boost to 3.9 under light loads, but never below 3.6 full load, ACROSS ALL CORES...

    I'm assuming this is a i7 4790k without the gpu, and 65w
    some programs may read it as a xeon e3 1225-v3 (may have that model wrong....don't remember what program read it, I use hwmonitor mostly)

    well motherboard got replaced today

    Asus Gryphon Z97 MATX

    not familiar with all these intel overclocking options so havnt messed with it, booted into bios, chose Asus Optimal (assuming that's their smart tuning stuff) and xmp profile for memory

    Never goes below 4ghz, sits at 4118mhz across all cores under load, and maxes at 4135 across all cores under light load.... 0.848v that maxes at 0.856v

    38c idle, 80c max running cinebench r15 (766 points) on a cryorig c7 low profile cooler


    perhaps someone could enlighten me on how these socket 1150 intel cpus should be overclocked......

    and also, does it seem like I got a golden sample?

    I mean otherwise I'm happy where its at, but would like to see if I can go further, and what needs to be done....
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    First thing |I would do is remove the bottle of liquid from top of case. :p

    With 80c temps now I wouldn't be overclocking without getting a bigger cooler that can remove more heat. C7 is a good little cooler, but key word is 'little'. It is not designed for overclocking wattage.

    But along with a bigger CPU cooler probably comes the need for more / better case airflow to supply CPU (& GPU) with needed cool air. Versa H18 is not too bad and support up to 155mm tall CPU coolers. and Asus Gryphon Z97 Armor has 73mm center CPU to near side of PCIe socket and 52mm to near side of RAM socket so there are many coolers to choose from. I can see rear exhaust, but what fans do you have for front intakes? I would remove all unused PCIe back slot covers to give more rear vent area and better airflow around GPU from 2x 140mm or 3x 120mm front intakes speed controlled by component temp so they cycle with component cooler fans. This way no rear exhaust fan is probably needed, but that depends on how good your front intake fans are.
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    Jun 30, 2016
    eh thanks for the reply, but ive solved the cooling issue, idles at 39c and loads at 62c now....but yes I know it is insufficient, it was previously used in a low profile mini-itx build, and was swapped over simply to save time and money, new cooler is on the way..... (2 of em actually) as far as the Gatorade, its capped :p, as far as case airflow and cooling, more then sufficient

    again it was mostly a post to get some information on proper overclocking, less to do with temps... I havnt messed with overclocking since Athlon 2500xp days, I didn't expect to get much overclocking, if any out of this chip, and certainly not with the cooler, but I am certain now I can get atleast 4.4ghz (maybe more, once the new cooler gets here...)

    but for now its at 4ghz

    but as for fans, all are thermaltake riiing blues, 120mm rear, 140mm x2 front with the LNC adaptors

    err wait I just realized this is the first thread I posted, I reposted this in the intel forums hoping for faster feedback..... which I got, anywho, I was able to get it to post 4.2ghz and run cinebench and 3dmark timespy, was just a bit toasty, then booted and started to run 4.4ghz in cinebench, got 90% the way through and saw temps pegging 90c so halted and dropped down to 4ghz and ordered 2 different coolers

    concern being, I don't know what the thermal max of this cpu actually is, some programs report it as a xeon 1225-v3 (hwinfo64), others a 4790s ES (cpu-z) and others as a 4790s (hwmonitor, cinebench, timespy)

    ordered a corsair h50 (crappy lil watercooler, but should in theory perform about as well as the c7 maybe slightly better) because I got it cheap, and figured it would be best served to confirm this current cooler is infact getting proper mounting... (on other motherboard I replaced it was so close to some of the items around the socket that I couldn't even slide a sheet of paper between heatsink and the stuff that was close to interfering....) on this board theres all kindsa armour around it so I cant tell, and didn't feel like removing the armor.... anywho, I went ahead and rotated the cooler and remounted, seemed to of dropped temps, but will be able to confirm tomarrow....
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