New Build Help Wanted AMD vs Intel Selection (Please)

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    Ok so I know this is a flame war just waiting to happen, I hope any responses look at me requirements and can advise based on those only.

    First and Foremost I am long time [H]'er, I read front page daily, lurk in forums rarely, however I am not a MASTER RACE gamer! I like my rig to be powerful enough to play PC games at decent quality when I want to, but being honest I never do. I also dont overclock....please dont tell Kyle.

    Im upgrading my (2012 original built) desktop from:
    Gigabyte Z77xudp5TH and Asus Z77 Sabertooth
    Ive Bridge 3770K
    32GB dual channel ram of average speed,
    850 evo SATA SSD,
    RX480 8GB

    My main daily use cases are:
    browsing web/amazon/reading [H]/youtube/multitasking
    Power programming across 3x 1080p 24" monitors (will be upgrading to 4x 4k soon enough)
    3D design and printing/cnc
    Occasional video editing/encoding

    Why Im upgrading:
    I dont lack for power in any area, its just the motherboards I have are long in the tooth(pun intended) are not being updated by manufacturers, have a few flaws that will never be resolved, and are lacking some modern features.

    What I want:
    Essentially a similar (tech inflation adjusted)spec'd build but in todays landscape.

    Ill will be buying new MB, Proc, Proc Closed Water Cooler, RAM, M2 Drive(s), Dont need new vid card just yet.

    Im sure I could throw shit to any wall and it will stick and get what I want. Even though Im on [H} every day, I dont dip into the weeds like I used to or source offsite news on hardware either.

    On the RAM,M2, and PROC cooler Ill be just fine what I really am looking for are recommendations on Proc/Motherboard combo that just makes sense/hits a sweet spot for me, being sufficiently future proof wwithout overshooting the moon. And this is where Im stuck, I am very much a feature freak when it comes to motherboards, but I dont know the landscape like I used to.

    I know I want a shit ton of PCIE lanes across x16 ports and M2 slots, Lots of USB 3.2 Type C internal/external, a complete lack of legacy ports, superb uefi/config interface, TPM built in, and a appropriately count/cost multicore proc to sit in it.

    Im just at a complete loss to begin a decent evaluation of intel Z370/Z390/X299/X399(?) AMD AM4(variations/upgrades) vs something coming in next few months, Core i7 v i9 v AMD ryzen g1/g2.

    Again not looking for a flame war, just some recommendations based on above, or at least suggestions of the succint questions I can ask to myself that with drive answers that narrow the field for me.

    I feel lazy and shitty asking here like this, but Ive got to start somewhere and I can think of no better place to start than to get insights from fellow [H]'ers.

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