Need suggestions

Which case

  • Thermaltake level 20 MT argb

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  • Corsair icue 220T RGB temp glass

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  • Or your suggestion ?

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Limp Gawd
Feb 26, 2005
Neither of those got very good reviews. Unless the looks of those cases is more important to you than cooling I would not get either of those.

Case looks are so subjective though. What some people love other think is flat out fugly. I tend to narrow down my choices then watch a ton of reviews to make sure they dont get bad ratings.

Using that system is how I ended up with PC 011 dynamic xl. Given the price point of the cases you listed I would suggest to you the non XL. But then I like cube cases, you might think they are fugly :)


Limp Gawd
Apr 15, 2020
My case requirements go in this order:

1. It has to fit all my gear comfortably, including cable management aspects.
2. Good cooling, with options for upgrades like liquid cooling.
3. It's gotta look nice. But not get "trapped in time." A good design shouldn't age the way beige did and RGB will.
4. Moddable. Even if I don't want to do a casemod right away, it's still good to ensure that it can at least provide a base for something cool in the future.


Limp Gawd
Jul 18, 2012
Guess I should clarify. I recently updated my wifes rig and her case is old. And she really really likes mine... you know what happens next... I need a new case lol but she will flip if I spend to much on a case.

I do want good airflow. Currently mine is full rgb. Kids love it so... I got as follows
Asus vi hero
Ryzen 7 1700x
Trident z neo
Gigabyte gtx 1070(3 fan)
Evga 650 ga fully modular
Permafrost 240 aio
4x 120 Silverstone rgb

Current case is fractal meshify c (which I love). But as I said earlier.. she loves it.. :/


Limp Gawd
Aug 26, 2018
I like my Corsair 780T. Easy to work in and great airflow. Just picked up an Asus TUF GT 501 case, and it is very good also. Still keeping my 780T around for an extra build.
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Limp Gawd
Sep 14, 2008
I have a CoolerMaster Stacker 810. Overloaded with far too many storage drives, expansion cards (all slots used), a huge air cooler, card reader, 3 optical drives, a 5.25 bay usb and audio hub, and enough wiring to make a new Las Vegas, and yet there's still room for multiple additional hamster wheels if I needed more power. It's uglier than Satan on a bad hair day, but unlike him, it stays cool. It fits more than anyone needs. All intakes are filtered. If you were crazy, or a bootleger, it has TWELVE 5.25 bays up front. It was reasonably priced. And it came with lockable casters more than a decade before Apple released their $700 ones.

Sgt Hoit

Nov 18, 2016
The Fractal Meshify C is still available. Buy one for her and that way your PC remains as in. Unless your gonna try and slip in some upgrades as your rebuilding yours.


Nov 27, 2011
IMHO, these 2 are ok for lower end cases, but between these 2 choices, I would go for the TT, which I find more asthetically pleasing and, if it is even half as nice as the Level 20 XT, (which I recently used for my son's gaming rig), then I would get it in a heartbeat, and be happier longer with a more solid built case....

Don't get me wrong, I like Corsair's cases too, having used their 240, 540 & 740 Air's for client builds, but I really don't care for the one you linked to....

Having said that, there are a boatload of nice cases out there in the same price range, you just need to look for them, read any reviews, and decide what you like or dislike about them.... If you have a local retailer close by where you see them in person, so much the better :)