Need some help on hiding some wires


Aug 24, 2003
I just got my Watercooling stuff installed and i have a mess of wires to deal with. Any help would be greatly Appreciated.

sorry i dunno, but can you hide wires behind the mobo tray? i know the lian-li has removable mobo trays so i dunno if this is possible cause i havent seen the case in person.

off topic: congrats on that computer, nice overclock. when did you get a x800xt? or are you gettin it soon?
Buddy of mine hooked me up pretty nice. But all back on topic ya i could try to sqeeze the wires back there its just that when i have to take the tray out its gonna suck but oh well
If you aren't planning on changing much in your system, I believe it's possible to cut off extra power leads that you're not using, and heatshrink the stubs. I've seen a custom rig or two that looks really clean with that kind of work. You can always wire loom the remaining ones

Cut 'em off AFTER turning off the computer, mind you :D.