Need some fan advice


Limp Gawd
Jul 10, 2007
Due to the fact that its really difficult to purchase alot of hardware items right now I have a bit of a dilemma I was hoping to get some advice on.

I'm working on a build for my wife. Its a "white" build inside a Lian Li O11 Dynamic. I've got a NZXT Kraken Z73 that I'm going to install 6 of those nice white Lian Li Unifan SL120's in push/pull. I'm doing this intentionally because I don't like that extra space above the motherboard and a little extra airflow from those nice fans will work out nicely. However, as you might guess. That was all I could get right now. 6 of them. I was planning 6 more for your "typical" Lian Li build with 3 more on the side and 3 more on the bottom.

I do have 2 x 3-Fan Corsair QL120 kits (6 total fans and 2 lighting node pros). Those are very nice too and, in some ways, my wife prefers the round light fan to the edge-lighting on the Lian Li. She doesn't really care if they are Corsair or Lian Li though...she just wants the pretty lights. However, thats 6 RGB lines, 6 PWM lines, one lighting node core would be used (as that takes 6 fans) and, of course, the hookups for the lighting node core. This is in addition to the hookups for the NZXT Kraken Z73.

So that would be...
CAM for the Z73
My understanding is that the Lian Li fans will run off Asus Aura (Though I COULD install the Lian Li software but didn't see a need for the 6 cooler-mount fans)
Then ICUE for the Corsair fans on top of it
Its got GSkill Trident Z's as well but I'm thinking that can also be controlled by Aura.

Thats starting to sound like alot of bloat to me. I watched a GamersNexus video a while back demonstrating the effect of too much of that software bloat from RGB kits.

What do you think? Too much software bloat? Should I just put the build on hold until I can get 6 more of the Lian Li fans and just do ALL Lian Li fans? Or do you think its not going to be a huge deal to move forward with the Corsair fans?


Limp Gawd
Jan 2, 2012
I got the Corsair Commander Pro a while ago, been happy with it. The software has never given me any trouble, either, works just as programmed. I use it primarily for fan control. With some expansion boards, it can control 12 LED fans. Just saying.
For RGB bloatware, I'd guess that it's not how many you have but rather how good each one is. If one of them is crap, then it's crap whether you run it along others or all by itself. But, in general, the fewer the better and easier to program.