need new case for custom wc


Sep 29, 2002
I've finally outgrown my old antec 900 case. I've read some reviews but could still use some recommendations. Still unsure what Will meet my needs best.

I've given the corsair 750D a serious look, definitely on my list.

My system is pretty simple with the exception of my old water cooling setup. It's a custom build, and I'd like to fit all the parts including rad into the case. Here's my parts:
Swiftech mcp655 pump
Old black ice rad, 3x120mm
Reservoir is one of the old ones that fits into a CD drive bay.
Tubing and blocks don't really matter,but they're old too and have no business cooling my if that will stop me:p
Both CPU and gpu are in the loop.

Hardware that matters:
Gigabyte 170mx gaming 5
Asus strixx 970
1 mechanical hdd and one ssd.
Corsair 650 hx
One optical drive.

Problems I've had with current case:
Not enough room once my water gets in there.rad is outside next to the case.can't route cables,it's way too right.
With the Air cooler,the nvidia 970 is too long to fit. Almost zero room between that and my drives with water on it.

I'm not looking to go high end. Mostly I'd just like to get everything inside it with room to spare. Window would be nice,but most have that anyhow. Want to fit another hard drive or two.

Really it's the water setup that's killing me.