Need info on powerstrip

Frank Castle

Jul 18, 2004
I need to know if powerstrip will let you make a custom resolution to be used in games?I am getting 24 inch samsung widescreed lcd soon{refinance money}.The native resolution is 1900x1200 which is a widecreen resolution.Most games if any will not do that res,so I was wondering if power strip will help.I know you can make custom resolutions for windows but what happens when you go to games?


Feb 21, 2003
In powerstrip there is a 1920X1200 LCD default and a 1920X1200Generic setting, yes you can create custom settings, i use Powerstrip to play games at 1776X1000 on my 65 inch widescreen HDTV, Farcry looks sweet at that setting, so does UT2004,Call of Duty, not to mention others. But yep it will work for you. And yes you can get almost any game to run in any resolution I DO!! here is some help for you, takes a couple of mins to set up a game, with newer games once you create a custom Resolution you can select it with the in game menus, Powerstrip also lets you make a hot key that once your running a Program it will then default to that resolution. Also some games you need to tweak the config file real quick to change the FOV, Field. Of. Vision. so you can get the full aspect, Trust me its really easy to do. here are some quick help links to get you going. :) This one will tell you about Powerstrip
Goodluck and feel free to ask me any questions ive dealt with almost all the problems you can come across hehe. But i love playing games in 16:9