need help with budget comp.!


Limp Gawd
Oct 18, 2004
I am building a computer for a family friend, and he is on a budget of 600 to 800 dollars for a complete system. Its main purpose is for the family to use, surf web, email, pictures, maybe some music here and there, but primarily pictures. No games. (except maybe solitare lol..)

I am in some need of advice on building a budget comp, i'm not used to having a budget :rolleyes: (i save up so i can buy the 1337)

Can anyone here help me out and make a list of products? This must include monitor, keyboard, and mouse. ~ LCD or CRT doesn't matter or size but not 15". Thats the criteria. Thanks


Mar 7, 2005
I tend to recommend going with prebuilts up to about 800 or so. Get him/her a nice Dell and run with it, since they're not gaming.

Plus, you don't have to be tech support. Definite plus, for me anyway.

If you're insistent on building, though, I'd say a Sempron rig would do pretty well at that price range. I'm sure you're capable of throwing a list together for the forum to look at.