need help to configure network on computer


Oct 25, 2003
I have a network on 2 computers, and I got a new one, I want to put it to the network too.
I have an Edimax router, and ADSL modem that is connected to the router, and windows xp pro.
I will thanks anyone that will help me, and will tell me what to do.
Does your router come with 4 ports?

Get a straight-through cable and connect it to one of the router's ports and the NIC (network card) on the computer. Assuming that you have the default settings on the router, it should work right after that.

Please post back if you run into any problems.
that's the problem, I am connected to the router (4 ports) with a cable, and nothing is working donno...
when I installed the windows xp I connected the cable to my computer and I thought that it should do the connecting automaticly but donno it didn't work.
if someone can help me and tell me what to do it will be great!
When you connect your new computer to the Edimax router make sure that your NIC settings are set to " Obtain an IP address automatically". And see if your router assigned a new IP to your machine. To check :
Go to : RUN type CMD and once you have COmmand Prompt open type ipconfig
it should list your Ip information.
Looks like Edimax router assigns an IP something like: 192.168.168.xx If you got this, that means all should be working.

+ check your router manual on how to connect computers to it.
Edimax website is damn slow, but it sure gives you basic FAQ on it.
OK After reading more on Edimax I realized that 192.168.168.xx applies to only few router models, so if you don't have that one, whatever I wrote there might be wrong. BUt still check Their website,
Here is a FAQ for BR-6104 / 6104W / 6104P models.
And Here is FAQ for BR-6001 Plus / 6004 Plus series.

Sorry if I confused you, but damn I never worked nor seen Edimax routers.:(