Need Help - Professional Headset


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Jan 31, 2003
Need help to find the most comfortable non-gaming headset for work purposes. I have a budget of $250, needs to be USB and bluetooth for both computer plugin and modular use. I got a big head, so comfort is huge, dont care if its on-ear or over the ear, but no in the ear, hate buds. Any thoughts?


Jan 14, 2008
Bit late to the party, but using this website should help you greatly in isolating what you need for headphones. I'm not an expert on USB or Bluetooth based headphones, so I can't really recommend you something off the top of my head:

While I occasionally disagree (even strongly) with some of their reviews and recommendations, they usually have a large enough review selection to make up for that (each category has a good amount of reviews, so if you make a list of your priorities in a headphone, you should be fine). They also have a handy comparison tool.