Need help finding a 19" flatscreen CRT


Feb 11, 2002
Been looking around but I know very little about monitors so I was hoping for some help. I'm looking for a 19" CRT flat-panel perferably around 200$ or so. I currently have a 17" LCD but I have plenty of space to fill on my desk and don't feel like paying for a widescreen/larger LCD. Any help would be appreciated, thanks ~
I suggest the NEC FP912 SB or the Mitsubuschi 930SP. Both monitors use the same Diamondtron apeture grill, and run at extended resolutions at high refresh rates. Also, both monitors produce very sharp images and excellent color reproduction. Additionally, the "Super Bright" (SB) function works flawlessly without making the blacks look grey and provides a little extra "pop " to the overall picture.

FYI, it may be difficult to find one of these monitors, but is definitely worth the effort to track down either one. I have owned the NEC FP912SB since summer 2003 and it's still my favorite monitor; even compared to my wife's excellent Samsung 930B LCD flat panel. Her LCD is better on text but can't touch my CRT on gaming. I have even hooked them up for a side by side comparison with CRT on the analog and LCD on DVI.