Need drivers for HP 512n

Feb 14, 2004
I need audio, video, and ethernet drivers for an old HP 512n Desktop. Anyone have any suggestions? Ive called hp and they said they couldnt sell the recovery cds to us because the pc was over 5 years old. I cant find the drivers online either. The only other thing I know of is to get the exact model number of the hardware and search that way. Anyone know of a program besides "system information" that will provide all the model numbers of the hardware in the pc?
i dont think those drivers will fix it. not unless i can get on the recovery drive with the recovery fix. because when u try to go to it in my computer it wont go anywhere
as far as i know it is. its not my computer so im not sure. but the recovery partition wasnt formatted so i think its ok
It's hard to tell from the lack of details in this you have Windows installed and relatively functional on it? Does it boot up to desktop OK? Or do you need to get Windows also?
No it boots to windows fine. Everything seems to be fine with the pc apart from not having all of the drivers
Get a flash drive and download all of the drivers from the link posted above.

Than plug in the flash drive and load them on the HP.
No it boots to windows fine. Everything seems to be fine with the pc apart from not having all of the drivers

Exactly like stated above.....OK so Windows is it's time to go download those drivers onto some transportable media (since the NIC isn't loaded yet)....bring them to this machine..and install them. A USB thumb drive is perhaps the easiest way, since by default Windows will support the onboard USB ports at some default setting without special drivers.
but the only thing is they dont have the ethernet, video, and audio drivers. they only have other drivers listed. not unless im missing it somewhere. thanks for your help btw
You can use the PCI Vendor and Device ID codes to locate the drivers also. Open Device Manager, open the device(s) that don't have drivers (one at a time, of course), and then click the details tab. There'll be an entry in the drop down box called Hardware IDs, and then you'll see a list of information strings like this:


The info you want is the 4 digit ID code after VEN_ and DEV_ so in the example in the pic, the VENdor ID is 8086, the DEVice ID is 2772. Take those codes over to:

and put them in the appropriate boxes and click Search (best to put the Vendor one in first, then put the Device one in second and click the Search box next to Device - sometimes the Vendor one won't do the device part of the search). When you have that info then you can figure out who made the hardware and then go to that manufacturer's website and locate the drivers directly from them.

HP and some other OEMs have a tendency to avoid keeping the drivers available for old outdated hardware; you could be facing such a situation currently so... sometimes it's easier to just go get the drivers from the original source. Also, a lot of times the ones you get directly from the hardware manufacturers are newer as the OEMs - especially for older machines - don't always keep stuff up-to-date.

Good luck...
k i managed to get the video and ethernet drivers since the ethernet was an installed pci card, but the audio driver wont display the driver details. it says "driver details have not been loaded for this device".