Need a Stereo/DAC recommendation


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Feb 26, 2005
I have decided to go with a older integrated amp (onkyo, sansui, kenwood, technincs etc: etc: ) looking for ones with pre out - main in connections so I can have more options on subwoofer hook up. I found a Techincs SU-V98 local I can get pretty cheap . I like this type because its about half the size of the HK AVR hooked up currently that has sub out and optical in but the wattage is to small (30 wpc) and the unit is flipping huge with a hundred hookups I dont need :)
I am driving a HK 10" powered sub and a pair of Paradigm Atom v.5 monitors (8 ohm) that want 15-80 watts.

So am I on the right track with a integrated amp or is there a better way to do this? Not after exact model number recommendations (unless you want to take the time to do so), just am i generally on the right track ?
EDIT: It just hit me, should I just take the output from the dac and feed straight into a power amp instead of a integrated amp, would that be better?

I will need a DAC to take the optical out of my mobo to the analog input. Was hoping to avoid spending a 100 dollars on a shiit and would like something with a volume control. So I am looking at something like this one. Will this serve the purpose for what I am wanting to do?

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Aug 7, 2004
Just keep in mind that Schiit is actually made in the USA outside of the AKM DAC chips they use. PCB, chassis, etc are all made in the USA. So while they cost more your money is going to a better place.