Need a new board.


Mar 27, 2003
Looking for a board for the A8 AMD APU I won at Quakecon. I also got some 2400 MHZ DD3 from Patriot that I would like to use. I am seeing that Hudson D3 is what I want in a board and with UEFI. Does anyone know what the quality of BIOSTAR and ASRock is these are the only two boards I am finding that meet my needs. Needs to be also MicroATX Anyone have any ideas?

asrocks are good. they had a bad wrap years back but they are competing with asus and gigabyte now. biostars are hit and miss, they have some good higher end boards but they also have some really bad cheapo boards.
I own 2 Asrock MB's and both have been just great and stable(even with high OC's).

I wouldnt hesitate to get another.
ASUS F1A75-M PRO R2 is a new revision they finally added to their site over the past couple days. Waiting for it to hit stores now so I can order it.