Need a keyboard! Help!


Oct 4, 2010
Hey all. As much as I love my G510, I've moved around enough that now it's borderline too big, and I may have to part with it.

My first choice is the G110, but what other options are there?

Anyway here are my needs:

Smaller than the massive 21" length g510, blue led's, black, media keys, audio ports for my headphones and mic, good customer service, and my budget is $65 max.

Does what I want exist?!
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The small part ruins it for having "good" media keys. Why don't you rank your preferences from 1 to 6, #1 being most important?
Hey I have considered that as an option, and it is considerably smaller than the g510. The g510 is 21 inches long, the 110 is 19, and the lycosa is 17. Thanks for the input! =)

BTW I edited my needs list.