NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story


Aug 29, 2010
my 2090UXi support calibrating using hadware LUTs in SpectraView Profiler 5
maybe you need to fiddle with software and firmware. Maybe something with DDC stuff.

In LGs "True Color Finder" software I had lots of issues with DDC and was unable to hardware calibrate on my normal PC in Win7 64bit. It didn't even work in normal 32bit XP. I was finally able to calibrate it using Via C3 Terminal on DVI output in XP.

On EIZO site it is stated that S2433WFS-BK support "10-bit hardware calibration" so it should support it. Make it work =)

Eizo calls it a hardware calibration but it works quite different than what I would call a real hardware calibration, for example available for the Eizo CG oder NEC PA/ SV screens. Finally it is a comfort feature. EasyPIX sets OSD options (RGB Gain, Brightness, Gradation) automatically. There are no further optimizations. The grey axis is not touched You can compare this to the first step in a software calibration process where the user is guided by the software to reach the calibration aims as close as possible through OSD controls. EasyPIX makes this for you but then skips the videocard LUT optimizations and profiles the display directly.

All in all s2433 is a great monitor


Jun 14, 2008
Anyone use this 2490WUXi monitor with a KVM? I have a KVM that looks at the EDID information from the monitor connected to it. Whenever I reboot a laptop that is attached to the KVM, the Windows desktop is shifted to the left by about half an inch. I have to switch to the desktop computer and then switch back to the laptop, and then the display will look fine. I have been working with the KVM manufacturer to try to figure out this problem, and they think that either the monitor doesn't provide any EDID information, or that the EDID information it provides is not properly formatted or just wrong. Does anyone know anything about that, or if it's possible to upgrade the firmware on the monitor?

(I'm not sure if the problem is with the monitor, because the desktop computer attached to the KVM doesn't have the problem, and also when I remove the laptop and attach a different laptop, I don't see the problem. But it might not be a problem with the laptop, because when I remove the 2490WUXi from the KVM and attach a different monitor, the laptop doesn't have the problem.)