My small, quiet and powerful build

Feb 19, 2017
I want share my experience of building a powerful mini PC. One month ago I start searching for a replacement of my old one Core i5-570 desktop. As far as I understand, most of the mini PCs based on mobile or ultra low voltages CPU's. Not enough for me, because of image and video editing. I found LUNA Design project with google. I like the appearance of there case. It's looks really nice! After reading some reviews on the web I ordered this config:

- DNK-H case Silvery
- Asus H110T mainboard
- Intel Core i5-7500
- Lenovo 256Gb M.2 2242 SSD
- 8Gb DDR4 Samsung
- As additional I add my own Seagate 4Tb 2.5 HDD (with some problems with installation).


So, the case coming assembled with purchased components:


First of all, I found that the cable management is easy as possible. All cables with optimized length and don't take much space inside the case. Second thing, that surprised me, was a cooling system. From the fist look, no air vents on the top and sides. Only on the bottom side. Very strange.


Then, when I check the fan and heatsink, I realized, that the airflow direction going by different way, than regular cooling systems. It's going out of the case, not inside of it. On my opinion it's very good idea.


Also, I like power button. It's push's very tactile with nice click. The aluminum top part, milling from solid aluminum material. With perfect surface finish and glossy chamfer. Looks great!


Also, they provide custom I/O back shield for Asus H110T mainboard.



AC power line connector to internal PSU and connectors for external antennas. But I can't use external antennas, because of they for mPCIe WI-FI radios. For my future M.2 adapter I can use internal ones only.


So, like I say before, assembling is very simple. But I found one problem with my 4Tb HDD drive installation. Case don't close with my HDD. About 2mm was not enough to close the case. Seem's like something pushing to the HDD. I email to support and they answered, that yes, for 15mm HDD's needs use low profile SATA power cable and advise me to cut this cable from my previous PC SATA power extension cord. I did it and the case finally closed. They say, that they provides this cables with pre-installed 4Tb drives only. Not good idea, I think...



This is the test of the idle temperatures. Most of them below 40C (with ambient temperature 21C). And the fan speed around 1000rpm. In idle state it's really really quiet. With normal environment, I start hear it only from 20cm distance.


This is the test of the FPU load. Maximum CPU temperature come up to 63C, but all other components stay with the previous temps. Perfect! Fan speed up only to 1700rpm. I starts hear it from 2m distance. But it's still very very quiet. With regular usage like office working, photo/video editing, gaming, fan going from 1000 to 1400rpm maximum. I think, that with the maximum 3200rpm (like described on there web), cooling system can handle Core i7 CPU's too. But I'm not sure about noise level with i7.


So, I very happy with this rig. If compare with my previous PC, it's 2 times faster, 10 times smaller and really really quiet enough.


I'll keep updating this post during my usage experience. If you have some questions, I'll be happy answer then.
Looks great. If I didn't already have my NUC6i5SYH I think this is the route I would have gone.
I had this case. Good design. Four things lacking.1. Should have made it sligtly taller in order to accommodate a low profile aftermarket cooler. 2. Needs a better fan. 3. Could do with card reader and front headphone jack. vents at the bottom should be dust proofed.

Promising designs coming out of Luna. Just needs a bot of fine tuning.
Forgot to add. The mini wifi antennas supplied are really good. Better than the stock ones (which were larger) that I got with my motherboard.
2. Needs a better fan.

Yes. No way to find this fan separately. It's comes with Akasa low profile coolers only. I ask them about, and they say that they can ship this fan for $18 with delivery cost. From the other hand, no way to fit bigger fans in so small-size-case.
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