My rig has gone crazy


Limp Gawd
Nov 30, 2008
This weekend I started having some crashes on my Z87 rig which has been trouble free until now. They happened during gaming and also during basic desktop activity. When it happens it locks up, then reboots itself to a black screen as if the monitor has no signal with the gpu fans seemingly maxed out at 100%. After 30 seconds or so it will again seem to restart with the same black screen and maxed gpu fans. If I turn the computer completely off I get back to the Windows login and it crashes to black screen/gpu fans maxed again. As I was trying to reset my overclock to stock in the bios it crashed the same way yet again. I should note that I got the same behavior when I tried my 2nd bios on the card.
After this I decided to remove the gpu and try it in my x58 rig (noticed the seating and power connections looked good as I removed it from z87). The gpu seems to work fine in my x58 so far with no crashes or problems with the system booting.
Any ideas on the culprit or next step would be greatly appreciated. I am a little off my game this week from a pinched nerve in my shoulder.


Extremely [H]
Jan 28, 2014
Could be a power supply issue. If the PSU in your X58 rig is sufficient try using it in your Z87 to see if you continue to have issues and at least eliminate it as a problem.