My processor is running half the speed


Apr 15, 2006
I have my beloved Aopen Ax6bc that has been running strong for the past 8 years.

I have a Pentium III 667MHZ processor (actually 500 overclocked to 667).

I had to restart it yesterday and I noticed during the POST my processor was running at 333E MHZ. Basically half of what it was (It was clocked at 667Mhz). I ran the Frequency ID utlity and my FSB has dropped to 66Mhz as well. (from 133MHZ) and my L1 cache is at 16KB (I think it should be at 32kB)

I've never seen anything like this before, can any of you give me a hand where to look in the BIOS to hopefully correct this problem?
well...the first comment that comes to mind is it's upgrade time:p
not familiar with this board/bios, but replacing cmos battery would be a good idea after 8 years:rolleyes:
then go into bios and set all to 'default', and take it from there
wow bro... treat yourself to an upgrade

i think my cell phone is faster than that :D
Actually it's my server streaming all my movies, music, and fun stuff aound the house. I've had a few pc's since then but this is the only one that has NEVER given me any trouble. Until now that is.

I'll give it a replacement battery Thanks Kevdog and i'll take it from there.