My new HTPC


May 19, 2005
I just purchased my TV yesterday and am in the process of hooking everything up still, so I will grab some pictures here shorty, but I did manage to get one shot with my phone.

I got a smoking deal on it, so I picked up a Sony KDF-E42A10 42" Rear Projection LCD TV with its matching stand. This will be complemented by my HTPC which is made up of the following for now: Silverstone LC20M case with VFD and remote, just ordered this today so I should have it in a few days, running MCE2k5 on an Athlon XP 2800+, 1 GB RAM, 2x200GB Hard Drives, 1 80GB Hard Drive, DVD Burner and DVD Rom, oh and a Geforce FX5500

This and my Xbox, Gamecube, as well as terrible surround sound system including a basic Pioneer 5.1 receiver and Vidsonix speakers will all accopmany the HTPC and TV in this room. I will have better pictures once its all hooked up.
Congrats on the TV! Definitely show us the HTPC and it in action when you get everything up and running!
Thanks! I hooked up the PC over VGA last night, got some great settings for powerstrip from AVS forums and got perfect 1:1 pixel mapping. It looks awesome!

I grabbed a few sample HD wmv files from microsoft's site and I was completely blown away. It looks so much better than my Viewsonic 2750w ever did. I can't wait to rip some movies onto this thing and get my case in!
Alright, I apologize for the crappy camera phone pictures, but I haven't purchased a new digital camera yet or borrowed a friend's...

Here is my setup where it stands in a bedroom at the moment, the TV displaying the [H] of course and underneath it lies the HTPC and underneath that are the Xbox and the Gamecube:

Here's a view of the Silverstone case.

Here's a crappy example of the text quality, I'd like to thank avsforum for the 1:1 pixel mapping.

And the LCD on the case displaying a boring message for the time being.