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    Jan 14, 2004
    This was my build list: plus a 1 TB Crucial MX500 SSD, my 4 TB HGST data drive, my current GTX980Ti and a Seasonic X850 PSU.

    Pics of my build process:

    Inwin 101C black case - black instead of the insanely popular white one because my cable management doesn't have to be as good when it's black on black. :) Gotta be more careful with black wires and white background.

    My backside cable mess a BIG with all the RBG and Fan wires, but oh well, you can't see it behind the side panel. :) It is very nice that the lower fan and fan frame cables are nicely hidden between the fans and the motherboard.

    I did mar the finish on the very top of my case when I was moving it around - The finish isn't as durable as I'd like. I will say that they did an excellent job, on the black case, of matching the appearance of the plastic radiator mount with the normal case finish. It is identical. ( )

    Minor nits:
    I wish the "RGB" and "USB 3.1" sticker were easier to remove. Had to get out some serious cleaner to get the glue off.
    I wish the audio/mic jacks on the top were labeled.
    Like everybody else who's reviewed this case, I wish it was 1 CM taller to provide an additional 1 CM under the motherboard to access that lower cable passthrough.

    As far as the hardware - very happy with the performance so far. 16 threads is magical (coming from socket 1150 Core i7 860). The Fractal cooler is keeping the processor nice and icy - 29 deg Celsius at idle with a mild 10% overclock and fans all running less than 500-ish RPM.

    The board had no problems with the RAM after I upgraded the BIOS. Running clean and easy at 3200 MHz, manually set - not using XMP. Disappointed with the Aura sync on the X370F - it has two RGB headers, but the board sees 'em both as the same device, so all the RGB items plugged into those headers share one address, so any "traveling" dynamic effects (like comet, or wave) are less than impressive. If I had this to do again, I would change the fans to Corsair LL120s to get access to all their effects. I like the looks of these Phanteks fan frames, but the programmability of those LL120s just seem like it would be fun to play with. Anyway, happy as a clam - system is quiet as a mouse, snappy as hell coming from my 7+ year old i7 860, is quiet and (I think) looks great.

    [​IMG]IMG_20180112_003047375 by BBGunWB, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_20180112_003111320 by BBGunWB, on Flickr