My network is no longer functioning properly


Dec 9, 2006
Before complaining to Comcast, I thought maybe I'd check and see if I did something wrong. I live in a very large old house, and there is no way to re-wire stuff, so don't even suggest that. Believe me, if I could have done this right, I would have.

Upstairs, we have the cable modem going into a Linksys WRT-54g (i think). I shall call it "G." G has 3 computers wired to it non-stop, and a wire running downstairs into a D-Link DIR-655, which we shall call "N." Why do I have two routers in the first place? Wifi coverage. N only has one PC hooked into it, but usually has 2 computers logged into it wirelessly, and up to 3 more when we're at peak use.

I did not plug the wire going between G and N into the WAN port on either router. I did scour the N's settings looking for an access point only mode, but I could not find such a thing.

This setup worked fine for about 3 weeks.

Now, however, we get almost complete network failure every 3-4 days it seems. Sometimes, it stops and then starts working 2 minutes later. Sometimes I have to power toggle everything, and that has worked 100% of the time. The network failure does not cover streaming video, which happens a lot now that my mom and wife have found hulu. Based on that premise, it seems to me like a DNS issue. I also get disconnected from WoW, which used to never happen. Upon DC, I can reconnect without waiting at all which tells me basically nothing.

Is have two routers screwing with everything?
Do you have N giving out DHCP addresses as well as your G router? If they both are, chances are good that's your problem That's what I would look at first.
DHCP is enabled on G, but not on N. G is and N is, all DHCP addresses are 100 or higher.