My First Experience At Newegg


Limp Gawd
Nov 10, 2004
I just purchased from Newegg for the first time. Here's how my experience went:

10PM last Sunday, I made an online order for a Sony 17" LCD for $300 shipped. The LCD was on sale, and regular price is $350. [ORDER #1 - 1 ITEM TOTAL]

30 minutes later...

I made another online order for another Sony 17" LCD for $300, a pci tv tuner for $30, and a video card for $75. I ordered 2 LCD's for dual display. [ORDER #2 - 3 ITEMS TOTAL]

The next day at 2PM, I decided to cancel the order for the video card because I wanted to buy a different video card.

Here's how my phone call went:

Me: Hi, I'd like to make some changes to my order please.

Agent: Sure, what changes?

Me: I'd like to cancel the video card, so that I may go online and order a different video card.

Agent: Ok. I see your entire order (3 items) have already been charged to your credit. I'm going to have to cancel your order.

Me: Ok

Agent: Is there anything else I can help you with?

(Now normally, 90% of the population would probably say "Thank you" and hang up, but not me.)

Me: So I'm still getting the 17" LCD and the PCI Tuner card, right?

Agent: Ah, no. I cancelled the whole order. You're going to have to go online and order it all again.

Me: But I purchased the 17" LCD on sale for $300, but now it's not on sale, it's $350. And my 1st order for the 1st 17" LCD has already been shipped. I am in the process of setting up a dual display for my computer station.

Agent: Hmm, I already cancelled your order, and I can't fix that. Let me see what I can do.

(She puts me on hold for an eternity.)

Agent: Well, I spoke with my supervisor. If you make another order, we'll expedite your order for free. Or your other option is to not accept the delivery of the 1st LCD that's already shipped. That package requires a signature, so ifyou don't sign for it, the LCD will come back to us and you get your money back.

(This is where I paused out of utter shock and almost had a heart-attack. A brief phone-call just to cancel a video card has turned into an utter nightmare. Honestly, I don't think that girl spoke to the supervisor. But I'm a smart consumer. At this point, I KNOW any more time spent with this agent will be a waste.

Me: I'd like to speak to your supervisor please. I don't think he understands the magnitude of what's going on here.

(So I'm put on hold for another eternity. This is the nerve-racking segment of this entire ordeal. I'm sitting there on hold, with my face red in frustration, thinking and wondering how I should approach this situation with the supervisor. I'm wondering what to say to him and how to say it. I'm still in shock that this girl completely messed up my entire plans to build a dual display for my computer station.)

Supervisor: Sir, I've been advised of your situation. I'm creating you another order for the 17" LCD for $300 and the PCI Tv Tuner for $30. I'm also going to remove the shipping costs for both items, and you'll also be recieving a free t-shirt. Again, I'm very sorry about all this. Is there anything else I can help you with?

(Stunned. Completely stunned, shocked, and utterly relieved.)

WHEW. So in summation, that is my first experience with Newegg. After all that, I immediately jumped on and purchased that other video card that I wanted.

The End.


Sep 13, 2004
Well, the last time I talked to a live person at newegg was probably in 2000. At that point, IIRC, they wouldn't even put in or cancel an order by phone, you'd have to do everything online. But then again, I only talked to em once, so it might have been a special situation. Seems that they have an orientation towards customer service, and like pleasing thier customers. However, I have heard reports that this is slipping a bit.