My ender has landed

German Muscle

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Aug 2, 2005
So after a year of wanting one i finally bit the bullet.

Picked up a Creality Ender 5 Pro. Has the upgraded silent board with bootloader, metal extruder, and capricorn tube out of the box.

Prints like a beauty out of the box. I need to adjust the wheels and would like to update the FW. I need to pickup some stuff like a hardened tip and metal extruder gears so i can print some of this carbon fiber filament i have. I also messed up the magnetic build mat. I pulled a print off and it left some very fine plastic behind so i used denatured to see if it would get it off. It kind of did but i think it also removed the non stick coating on the mat as its extremely hard to get prints off of it now. No big deal though as i was planning to switch to glass since the bed isnt level.

2019-12-26 19.01.16.jpg
2019-12-26 19.22.30.jpg
2019-12-26 21.36.08.jpg
2019-12-26 21.34.56.jpg
2019-12-26 21.40.26.jpg
2019-12-28 13.55.24.jpg
2019-12-30 12.15.30.jpg