Multicore Performance or Single Core Performance?


Limp Gawd
Jul 16, 2018
Hello, I am trying to decide between 2 laptops. One is the HP Spectre X360 which has an i7-1255U and the Asus Zenbook Flip 14 OLED which has the AMD 6800HS. I have both and both of them have their strenghts and weaknesses design wise. I am stuck on which one to pick so i compared the two cpus and found this:

As you can see the 1255U does have slightly better single core performance while the 6800H has better multicore performance.

My day 2 day would be to stream shows, browsing, write some docs, coding and edit photos and deploy photos when I am traveling which I often do. I do champion battery life and both of these laptops actually get about the same amount of battery run time. Like almost identical. If I could I would prbly undervolt the 6800H if possible since I couldn't find a 6800U laptop.

For that use case, which one should I opt for? Single core or multi core?
Definitely single core for a laptop, since most of the time you will only be using a couple cores max, so in all likelyhood you would never tap into the full potential of a better multi core CPU, so it's not even a trade off.
Power efficiency means more boost, longer battery life, quieter and cooler system. I'd get the efficient system. However, if I need it to really stretch its legs it also needs a healthy TDP. Meaning, I'd pick something like a 6800H or something, simply because AMD is slightly more power efficient AND it's not limited to 15-25W like the U models.

But, if the intel system is better built, high quality, I might go with it. I think a premium build quality can outweigh the benefits of power efficiency. Like if it's got a poor fan design, small heatpipes, flexy chassi etc.

I don't game much so multi-core for the win. It'll make that laptop last longer.