MSI Readies B150M Mortar Arctic And Bazooka Plus

Discussion in 'Intel MoBos' started by HardOCP News, Jun 24, 2016.

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    MSI, world leading in gaming hardware design, is thrilled to announce two new M-ATX GAMING motherboards, the B150M BAZOOKA PLUS & B150M MORTAR ARCTIC. With Turbo M.2 (32 Gb/s, Gen3 x4) and USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C offering more connectivity options and a plethora of features improving your gameexperience, these new Micro-ATX motherboards are designed for gamers looking for a small gaming PC while getting the best performance & gaming experience. DDR4 Boost technology is available, providing maximum performance and stability while also offering improved memory compatibility. Audio Boost and GAMING LAN ensure you have upper hand on your enemies on the battlefield, ready to finish on top.

    • The B150M MORTAR ARCTIC is not only a better version of the regular MORTAR model, this special edition comes in a full white PCB design and features a stunning Arctic camouflage styled heatsink and IO cover design. With great attention to detail, the B150M MORTAR ARCTIC not only delivers in terms of specs & features, but manages to bring something truly unique to the B150 motherboard segment.
    • Featuring a new design with a stronger heatsink, more black & white colors, and upgraded specs such as Steel Armor, Turbo M.2 and USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C, the new BAZOOKA PLUS motherboard is ready to set a new standard in the B150 Micro-ATX gaming motherboard segment. With Audio Boost & GAMING LAN offering dedicated gaming features tailored to the most demanding gamers, the BAZOOKA PLUS is sure to satisfy any gamer.
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    Why do you need "a stronger heatsink" on a motherboard that can't overclock jack shit? The highest heat dissipation you're likely to use is a 65w Core i5.

    Just an excuse to charge a premium for an B150 motherboard, because the difference between the B150 and H170 is pretty tiny. Yeah, B150 have half the chipset ports as H170 but still features DMI3. The four spare lanes allows you one x4 m.2 slot at full 32gbps.

    Everything else is so close it might as well be the same chipset.
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    Could we have dumber names? Reminds me of some of the older ECS motherboard names and some old biostar names.
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    Meanwhile they still don't have proper Z170 m-atx gaming series mobo.

    Oh well I ordered Asus Gene instead.
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    I'm holding out for the MSI Mega Super Mother of All Bombs Edition.

    MSI MS-MoAB Mark 7 Arctic Camo V2

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    MSI does have a Z170 version of this board (non-Arctic) listed on their site. Hope it releases soon... but under $90 for a board with premium features, aside from OC ability, I think is a deal.