Mouse for someone with index finger issues


Jul 15, 2016
My wife recently started having some major issues with her index and middle fingers, the biggest issue seems to be with the scroll wheel so I was thinking I could find a mouse with a thumb wheel (or other scrolling alternative)

The only one that seems to still be available that I can locate is the Logitech MX Master, I am not clear on that one if the thumb wheel can be used for vertical scrolling or not. Also, ideally I would ideally like something that is less $$. Of course her hand is more important than the money so if that is my option so be it.

She doesn't game so we don't need anything fancy, web browsing and office apps.

Anyone know for sure if the thumb wheel on there can be reconfigured for vertical scroll? Also any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for your response!

We actually have that keyboard both on our home machines and her work machine and totally overlooked that option.

After poking around it looks like that requires editing the config file, I'll have to try that on our home machine and see if I can get it to work.

I did also find a cheep thumb scrolling mouse on amazon that I ordered at least as a stopgap. I can't imagine for $9 and all the features it claims it can be all that good.

Thanks again
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Should anyone come across this with a similar need, I wanted to share what we have done.

I did indeed get the scrolling on the keyboard working and I am going to leave that in place since I don't ever use the zoom feature, but the 'real' solution we came up with is that cheep mouse I mentioned above. Is seems to actually be pretty good for 'every day' stuff. I haven't tried it out on things that need high precision or speed.

This is the one: Odd to me that color can have such a huge effect on price, this one is currently under $10 but one color is over $50. We didn't care so we went with the cheapest one.