Mouse for Designing work


Jun 25, 2016
Hi, need muse for designing software like photoshop, indesign, illustrator. What you recommend (I think about: Logitech G602, Logitech G502 or Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX ) What the best?
But you are UI/UX designer? Or drawing? If you draw buy tablet if don't I personally use Tracer Wingman RF and it works well - don't always need to spend much on good mouse. But besides mouse I bought good mouse pad - instant boost of comfort of work!

I also used before Logitech mouse and every model was fine. But had to keep sensor from mouse pretty close as it lost signals sometimes. I have a friend who hates wireless mouses as he hates lost connection even sometimes ;)
If you need a mouse, skip the G500 stuff (gaming) and get a real professional mouse... The MX Master.

Only thing is the auto ratchet click wheel wears out very fast under heavy use e.g. if I hammer it for CAD over 2-3 days it's fucked and RMA time. Will be testing new stock from supplier and see how it goes. On my 2nd mouse (also killed ratchet in same time).

P.s. before the MX master I absolutely detested wireless mice.

And to solve lost connection, avoid putting the dongle on back of your steel/metal case, put it on your screen hub or as close to the mouse as possible. Mine gets 10-15m+ range through wooden walls... go figure.