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*Disclaimer: dual fingers in use
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245 with one finger. My arm stopped working at around 90%. I think my muscles were just like fuck you man, I am done here.
You clicked 193 times in 30 seconds.

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had a couple small pauses as my mouse moved!

I have an issue with some tests that are using Simulate Real Click. Recently a new component was added to the tested application. This component it's added by loading a javascript in the web page Cpstester(I moved the javascript in head, body, outside body is the same behavior).

The javascript is inserting a div element in the DOM. Instead of clicking on the needed element from the page, test studio it's clicking on the loaded div by javascript instead of the correct DOM element. The needed element it's searched in the DOM by using id and CSS class.

Is this normal? How can we correct this?

Don't understand your question that well.

First what javascript file you are trying to load? are you just trying to make a javascript that can keep clicking?

well here what might help you

first click is
document.getElementById('start').dispatchEvent(new Event('click', {bubbles: true}))
rest of the click is
document.getElementById('bt-click-area').dispatchEvent(new Event('click', {bubbles: true}))

so to do this fast you can do something like
window.setInterval(() => {document.getElementById('bt-click-area').dispatchEvent(new Event('click', {bubbles: true}))}, 1);

so when you click the first one, it should keep sending clicks

Result should be like
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