more opinions on a likely good memory overclock


Limp Gawd
Apr 28, 2005
And now comes memory ...

2x16 gskill 3200 14-14-14-34
2 x16 gskill 3600 16-16-16-36
4 x 8 patriot 4400 19-19-19-39

assuming luck and a willing cpu/mb;
Given 1.5 volt is there any real difference in the chances any one of these clock to ~3800 at reasonably low latencies?
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Limp Gawd
Feb 19, 2012
They should all do that easy.
The first kits will probably top out around 4000 due to the PCB they use but this means they may also tighten up very nicely.

The 4x8GB kit may be a harder on the MB\memory controller but it is also the highest bin of chips which could result in the lowest timings despite the PCB being geared more for high frequency.
The patriot kit has no temperature sensor and will require a fan over them at 1.45v+ more than 2x16GB due to how close they will sit.

I have 4x8GB 3200c14 and they do 3800c15 1.47v 1:1 with a 5800X and 4266c16 out of 1:1.
They become less stable with over 1.5v despite low temps from a fan.