More AppleCare Stuff


Jan 18, 2001
tried to post this earlier but the system was not responding....since it sounds like you are out side of the 1 year warranty but did purchase the AppleCare durring the warranty period there is a special process for are going to have to call into tech support 800-275-2273, don't hit any options and when somebody gets on the line tell them you have an APP you need to enroll but you are outside of the warranty period of the computer. You are going to have to fax documentation to a group in Texas to validate and enroll the APP and once that is done (usually 2 business days but might be a little longer due to the holidays) we can do a warranty repair on the computer. If you were still within the 1 year warranty then it is a simple thing to enroll it but once that warranty expires we don't have the access in our system to do it hence the group in Texas that only deals with these types of issues. I would wait until Friday to call as they will probably be closed tomorrow
Cool. Didn't know there was an Apple Store out in Somerset mall.. would be nice to have one in Detroit tho.
There's also one out in Novi mall. I really like the Somerset one. I could see them opening up one in Detroit, if they ever get their act together, and the council, and the mayor learn to work together.
Lol. Yea... I hate the council but oh well... I'd rather not have the damn insurance company redline me tho. :(
Well here's an update, I called Applecare back and told them I couldn't find my number. Well they are going to call me back and tell me wether or not they are going to validate me. :rolleyes: I guess I will know in a couple of days.
what they are going to try and do is find the purchase in our ordering system and if it can be found it can be enrolled....if not then you have to find the documentation and supply it...hopefully they will be able to find it :(