Monitor is busted...


Sep 5, 2001
Does the power button come on at all ?

Most TV repair shops will charge you 50/80 buks just to take the cover off and look at it. If it's a power relay or capacitor it could be an additional 10/30 buks. If it's the tube or major electical board, dump it for a new one.

I just made a similar difficult decison and bought a new LCD in November.
It comes down to what you want to spend on an pld monitor with no guarantees.
I went though this in the summer, with a Panasonic S110 (21") It had ran for 5 yrs. prior. It started, but no pic. Re-tried and it was the same. Since there were no Panasonic "monitor" depots in this province, I went to a generic monitor repair depot, $30 an hr. if they could fix it, $0 if they couldn't. Turns out it was a flyback converter, and would have to be shipped to a Panasonic depot in the next province (local Panasonic TV repair depots wouldn't touch it). 2 way shipping, + repairs didn't justify the expense. I bought a used Dell/Trinitron 21" localy for $200 U.S., until I found something I liked, then resold it and got every cent back. Dell dumps a ton of 21" lease returns on the market every year, and they seam easy to find .