Monarch, never again! *rant*

Oct 28, 2004
So on Monday I show up to work and theres a seemingly simple task: replace a bad power supply from a rack mount server we had purchased entirely from Monarch. The replacement power supply was there, so all we had to do was yank it and plug it in. Upon opening the case and making sure everything had been unplugged, I quickly realized that the power supply could not fit out of the case. There was a crossbar at one edge that was blocking its exit because there wasn't enough space in the sunken part of the motherboard tray where it was fitting. Sadly the case is some no-name manuf, as there are no markings on it at all as to who made it, so there was nowhere to look for support.

The options were to cut up the case or to make an attempt to completely disassemble the entire chassis. Since we don't have any cutting tools on hand, the choice was made to take the case apart and cut later if necessary. To access everything, the motherboard (and those bloody xeon mounting posts) would have to come out, which was the first step. Then the front drive bays had to come out, along with the side railings, the side handlebars, and the side panels (which required significant force to come off). Then we yanked out the bottom panel which revealed that the motherboard tray which should be slidable, was riveted in. This means that the power supply was first put into the case, then the tray was put in and riveted. No sliding mechanism, and they obviously didn't test to make sure the power supply would be able to come out! After everything that could be taken off was off, someone else pulled up on the offending crossbar while I yanked the power supply out, nearly damaging the coworkers fingers.

With the power supply out, the new Antec (which was considerably shorter) went in easily and I tested to make sure I could pull it out. Then came the long and tedious process of putting everything back together... and I won't advise the purchase of server machines from Monarch ever again.

As a sidenote the other server racks that were purchased at a different time(from Monarch) each have their own issues, and its impossible to find replacement parts online.

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Cliff notes:
1) Replacing bad power supply in server chassis (from Monarch)
2) Realize power supply doesn't come out (simply too big)
3) Take everything out (evil Xeons, scsi etc) and off (panels, railings)
4) Nearly cut off coworkers finger pulling out power supply
5) Replace with smaller power supply
6) Piece everything together, with 3 hours wasted to replace a p/s
7) Remind self not to purchase from companies that use crummy cases


[H]F Junkie
Jul 31, 2005
Jeez, it only takes 5 minutes to replace a MB in an HP DL380 (dual xeon)...guess you pay the extra for the ease of use.