MK patch, NRS messes up again


Apr 11, 2007
The nerfs to some are kinda bleh. ScrubZero got screwed (why, he isn't that good anyways, but the less mindless ninja players in this game the better) his uber reset combo which was the only reason to play him is out, ex slide has armor though (why? what does that fix).

Kung Lao nerfs didn't do much, easier to punish him after a blocked spin now... not sure what this does. If you couldn't do it before why are you playing the game? I'm guessing this change will reduce the number of ScrubLaos out there, but oh well, he's still god.

Raiden nerfs, meh, he's god tier but beatable outside of that "you can't block a superman when done under certain conditions online cause our net code sucks" issue, and nobody cares about online, that's for losers, and they didn't even fix the netcode, AGAIN.

Reptile nerfs are odd. He's more punishable now, but it doesn't fix anything. He still eats the characters he eats and loses to the ones he did. Nerf Kitana and Millenas down 1 if you are going to nerf bat stupid shit.

Kano, lol he got screwed.

Cage, not sure, waiting on a known Cage player.

Scorp, buffed but um why? Yeah yeah he's not that good but why buff the damn takedown? It's usable now I guess, and the ex version isn't a waste of your time, but still in virtually any given situation another move is a better combo ender and nobody who doesn't suck is using his meter for anything that isn't breaker or ex safe teleports. It's cool but dunno.

There is more, just don't expect the rankings to change much, poor sub though LOL.

Damage seems nerfed in general though for combos, oh well, I'm still getting high 30s for mid screens and high 40s for corners.

Watching Scorpions try to use the takedown now is hilarious. Yeah it's better than it was, still trash though. And if you use it you still drop the vortex tactic which is his only valid one. And it doesn't solve his issue of auto losing and folding like a paper bag when the slightest amount of pressure is put on him.

Still waiting on fixing the down one issue with Kitana and Millena, there is no reason for this. Earth to NRS, when two characters are good and only good of their ability to abuse crouching forward punch because their hitbox is completely different than any other character in the games, you have a problem. Kung Lao is still broken, it wasn't the spin that was the issue it's the pressure game. I'm also starting to think you hate subzero, yes he sucks and keeping him in suck level is keeping with mortal kombat tradition. But their logic of "you should be able to get out of a reset but you can't get out of his so we took it out" is idiotic. It takes one meter, and any time sub doesn't have a breaker he's vulnerable as hell. And it didn't do that much damage, high 50s, so fucking what? High 50s or even high 60s with meters is completely possible with most of the cast. Your reptile nerf is stupid as well "more stun on blocked elbow rush" who on the face of the planet doesn't use the rush in a combo where it can be blocked, or doesn't use it with the intent of wiffing the move to set up a trap or a situation swap?