Mini LED is the Next Step in LCD Backlight Tech


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Mar 3, 2018
While monitors an TVs with local backlight dimming already exist, and microLED emissive displays are somewhere on the horizon, display manufacturers seem to be chasing "mini LED" as the next big jump in LCD backlight tech. A report by Digitimes claims that LCDs with mini LED backlight already went into production in the 2nd half of this year, while a report by Trendforce suggests that "Gaming monitors/notebooks, tablets, VR applications, TVs and automotive displays are the Mini LED applications that are likely to be commercialized in the coming two years." Monitor and TV manufacturers have a nasty habit of obfuscating new tech with proprietary branding, but expect mini LED backlights to show up in more monitors and TVs soon.

Besides serving as backlight for LCD display, mini LED can also be applied to support active matrix light emitting display. But backlight application is easier to do and only single-color mini LED is needed in the application, involving simpler production process and lower production cost. Accordingly, mini LED can facilitate the incorporation of mass transfer technology, and its lower prices are more acceptable to consumers, Digitimes Research noted.
Admittingly dropping RGB mini LEDs is much more difficult as a pure emissive display. Applying color filters on top is similar to the method of how LG approached OLED.

The problem becomes how to create a single LED that has the exact RGB wavelengths necessary to get the purest widest color gamut possible. That means using UV LEDs with precise phosphor chemistry and UV coating in a mini LED package. That's still quite challenging, but simpler than individual RGB.

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