Mini AC Interior Case Cooling idea.


Limp Gawd
Dec 29, 2011
I randomly decided today to search for a mini AC and found It's powered by usb or batteries. I was wondering what would happen if I placed one of these next to my H60 Radiator (sucks in air from the inside of the case) or below my Asus 6870 DirectCU. This technically would cool the inside of my case and provide the fans with cold air to blow at the radiator or at my vga heatsink. I might try this to see if there are any significant changes in my temps. Please list any flaws to this so I don't spend the money for no reason. Thanks!


Jul 23, 2001
well, its an evaporative cooler... it has a spong in its base, you wet the sponge, as air moves over it, it cools...

this wont work in your PC... you would have to find a way to keep the damn thing wet... it will be blowing wet air into your pc (lets not even think about what might happen if it spits)... humidity isnt much of an issue, but evaporative condensation might be.. water cooling systems are closed for a reason... if you really want this sort of effect, build a bong cooler.