Milo 5 AM4 Build


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Jun 7, 2007
So I recently acquired a low-profile Arc A380 but lacked space in my current case. I looked real hard at the specs of the ML05 and the BeQuiet Shadow Rock LP, and decided I could probably squeeze the Arc GPU and BeQuiet SR in there, with a little work. In hindsight, the 06-E would've been ideal, but otoh that'd remove the 80mm intake option...meh.


Some of you may remember the ML06, the samely designed brother of the ML05, from the Phoronix article Steve posted a while back. I agree with shspvr, it's a terrible shame, the A380 would have fit almost fine if the PSU was just 2 cm farther to the right. The Shadow Rock, however, seems like it will fit fine...although I may need a shorter RAM kit.



As you may be able to see, I had to remove the fan shroud (to include fans) in order to squeeze it in there. That'd probably be fine, but there are no vents directly above the GPU in the top panel We'll have to see how thermals are later on. Might squeeze a fan in that corner instead of the drive cage.

Currently in the process of comissioning custom cables for the PSU, at least the 24p -- the included cables might work, but the 24p is too long and very stiff. Would be difficult to squeeze by the CPU cooler, and won't work with the drive cage installed.

Cooler Master V850 Gold SFX
AsRock B450 Gaming-ITX/AC
AMD Ryzen 5 3400G
Sparkle Genie Arc A380 (lp)
CT2K8G4DFRA32A, 2 x 8GB, 3200 CL22
2x 80mm, 1x 120mm slim, noctuas
BeQuiet Shadow Rock LP
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(I did try squeezing the gpu in before removing the fan shroud, but the shroud interfered with the case frame, besides intruding into the PSU area, fwiw)
Noctua NF-A12x15 flx arrived, fits with room to spare. I would install without the bracket, but really I just want it there to encourage air to up more, and I don't feel like bending the wires to fit a slim fan right now. And it puts the fan dead center of the holes in the top panel, that too.

However the memory I had did not fit, so it had to go. I have some crucial memory that has no heatspreaders, which should fit just right under this cooler. Nothing fancy, hopefully it works.
CT2K8G4DFRA32A, a 2 x 8GB, 3200 CL22 kit.

Gonna pack it back up now, gotta ship it to modmymods so they can wire up the PSU 24 and maybe 8 pin for me. Thinking maybe just shorten the provided 8 pin and add an extension.
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New memory runs great, set it at 3200 and it just works (last kit you had to fight just to boot with it). In fact, set it to 3600 and it booted right up with that as well, passing memtest as I write this. Much more than I expected from budget RAM.

The Shadow Rock + KyroSheet is doing fantastic, with PBO enabled, running stress -c 8 it's only getting up to 36.8C in a 25.6C room (~11.2C delta). Was getting +60C with the lp cooler I had before.

A380 runs fine, great even, but it's obviously thermal throttling. I kicked up the intake fan speed to max to hopefully help a bit, eventually I'll figure out a better thermal solution for it.
Updated the mb firmware from 4.20 to 4.40 (latest supported by this 3400G, and was able to eek another 200MHz out of the RAM (landing at 3600). Just cleared memtest test #9, seems to be good.

Also set the iGPU to a manual oc at 2GHz, 1.1V, but haven't tested stability yet.

Leaving the Arc gpu alone for now, don't wanna push it hard with bad cooling. Did notice this firmware does in fact not support reBAR with this cpu. I set all the options I could find, but linux says nope. There's some efi hackery I could try to get it in better shape, but I think it's just time to think about retiring this APU for something newer. Maybe when 9000 series APUs hit -- those should be pretty badass, certainly compared to this one.

Edit: oop, found the reBAR option. It's hidden unless you set the dGPU as primary. :/
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System crashed when I was running stress -c 8 and started furmark, so I dropped the ram back to 3400, which is just fine anyway. The igpu overclock wasn't stable, it would disappear and only reason I could boot was because the dGPU was installed, so put that back stock. lol

Got the A380 repasted and put new pads on it. It still throttles but it takes longer now. Looked at maybe putting my GPU-220 on it, and it might barely fit, but the screws it comes with sit high so it might not work...besides I'd need a wc setup which I really don't wanna mess with.

Speaking of, I did drill the top panel. It's not perfect, and only helps a little, but it does help. Just don't look at it too closely. Also replaced the CoolerMaster PSU fan with a nh9x15, barely fit with the adapter. CPU fan needed washers to not rub when flipped to intake air.


Overall I'm very pleased with this setup. Loudest fan is the CPU fan, but it rarely spins up in silent mode. PSU fan shuts off when not needed, and the other two are silent at full speed. It'd be even better with an AM5 setup and a real GPU cooler, which I could do with something like an HDPLEX power supply.