Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 USB cable


Sep 22, 2004
Hello everyone,
This is an email I just sent to Microsoft support relating this keyboard's USB cable:

"Dear Microsoft support,

This is a hardware related problem.
My Natural Keyboard 4000 on which I'm typing right now is not working properly. The reason, one of the threads of its USB has broken, again. This time I cannot repair it.

I bought it about three years ago. And it has traveled with me more than 50,000 miles. But, due to so much use the cable was broken because I had to twist it to package the keyboard. I managed to solder it back and isolate it. But it has happened again. I'm searching the web intensively for a replacement part for this cable. I don't need a usual USB cable. But a cable that works with this keyboard. That cable has a usual USB A 4 pin conector on the side that connects to the PC and on the other the connector that goes to the Circuit board. That's what I'm looking for in order to replace this one.

Luckily the thread that was broken is the black one, so only the function keys, the main Enter key and some others are giving trouble. I can still use it as it is. But some keys don't work.
This is a really sturdy and good keyboard and I don't want to get rid of it."

Do you guys know anything about this?

Thank You


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 10, 2000
6,695 might have the parts you need to make your own cable. but exactly which ones I am not sure. You probably can just get by with getting new pins and useing the old connector.