Microsoft just got owned due to Win10 breaking privacy laws

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Apr 6, 2015
LOL :ROFLMAO: Told you shills this would happen.

Windows 10 personal data collection ruled 'excessive'

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system collects "excessive" data on users, violates privacy laws in "numerous" ways and must be fixed within three months, France's national data privacy watchdog announced Wednesday.

The findings could herald decisions expected in the coming months in Canada and other European countries over an operating system that has raised a rash of privacy concerns about how it tracks users.
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Number of different issues here. The first one is data center locations, nothing to do with Windows 10 directly. PINs were available in 8. There is a way to set a login attempt limit through the registry or group policy. The other stuff looks to be mostly issues with the default settings.
Who knows maybe some positive changes will come out of this...It couldn't hurt lol!
The worst thats going to come of this is a class action lawsuit that we will all sign up for, wait 8-12 weeks for a check for $2.19 that we promptly wont cash.
Certain Microsoft defenders have long asked for specifics about the issues of privacy. Perhaps this process will result in specifics, which both Microsoft and Microsoft critics have been sparse with. Despite the claims that this amount of telemetry has long been there (contrary to the fact that Microsoft had to push an update to include it in Windows 7 and 8.x - KB3021917, KB3068708, KB3075249, and KB3080149), this is a change with Windows 10 that it helps to have third parties look at.

I'm sure many disagree, but I think this is a worthwhile process to go through.
Bah.. but the US debit is only like 110% of our GDP.. a ton of places worse off. Like France.. who's debt is somewhere about 220% of their GDP.
What money? USA is 18 trillion in debt.

You expect facts when your own title of the post isn't factual. I guess you can say I just owned you. I mean according to your definition of the word at least. Please go back to the linux or mac forum.
Owned? In this case, uh, not really. :confused:

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