Medium Says You're Using Your Mouse Wrong

I'm the opposite left handed, but use my mouse on the right well actually I use a Elecom trackball and actually. I have a another Elecom trackball of the same type on the right as well and use a bit of both, but primarily use the one of the right hand side the most frequently.
Isn’t it nice to meet people that make you feel better about yourself? No matter how hard you f^&#ed up today, you’re still doing better at the game of life than this guy is (y)
for years i have been telling my wife she is using her mouse wrong,...apparently according to this person, i am right by being left......

for the record, i am a lefty and my computer mouse is on the left side of my keyboard..

but that is me, left side, right side, doesn't matter... i will say i CANNOT use a mouse - well- with my right hand, mostly due to not using the mouse in that hand, i bet i COULD -eventually- get decent at it.
Soo..if I am ambidextrous, what do i do? Constantly switch?
Im left handed and have always used my mouse on the left side of the keyboard. Makes mouse selection hard. I also tend to have bad posture when on the PC.
I think most people who were born left-handed back when doing so made us evil (?) we were inherently taught to use the mouse with our right hand, like everything else. Since then I've tried occasionally to switch to my left hand but it just feels wrong to do so and I don't ever get pain from using my right hand for long periods. Even when I've tried to use a wacom tablet my brain fights, telling me the cursor should be moved with my right hand even though drawing with pen/paper I can only do it with my left hand. I think the general idea is to just keep good posture, regardless of what hand controls your mouse... or other devices.
So this is the reason why I mouse left handed even tho I am right handed?
People should be using trackballs. They're more ergonomic and the one below should definitely be on the RIGHT side of the keyboard. They don't need a mouse pad and are a stationary device so require less desk space.
What about gamers? Most people are right handed; therefore he's telling the majority of people to move with their non-dominant hand. Most be a console player.
Ha, I was going to say maybe he's one of those Linux users who get pissy whenever someone wants to do something with a GUI and not use the CLI.
He almost got caught watching porn one too many times and is now justifying using his off hand for the mouse. That’s how I see it.

I dunno, I learned to use my off hand so I can "multi-task" :D
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Nothing gets more page clicks than an opinion article that says you are doing it wrong.

Misinformation draws people to it like moths to a flame. Half believe it outright, the other half rant and rave about how retarded everyone else is.

If you want attention, cause a controversy.
Oh yeah, well my mouse is ON my keyboard. Take that posture guy. IBM/Lonovo fo lyfe.
My buddy who I used to hang out with did this left thing. I got used to it when interacting with his clunker.

Reality is your home keys are on the left, which regardless of handiness is where your hands should hand.

Ctrl/alt/shift/win to arrow/mouse combinations only work with the right side.
But what if it's an invisible neural interface that you can't feel?
What an ergonomic maroon this 'mousespert' is. The best way to win the handedness game is not to play on or offhanded.

I just tell Cortana to move the cursor to position x,y and initiate a Ctrl-Click sequence. She contacts the Mothership, if the operation is approved, my browser is automagically navigated to the next hot [H] post.

Sure, get a sore throat from the incessant screaming at the machine, but my posture is preserved. And that's what's important. Maintaining perfect posture while shouting at the cloud...servers.

I use use two mouses. One in each hand at the same time.
Or he's using it as an opportunity to teach people about proper ergonomics.

aahh yes. "ergonomic". The buz word of retards and/or people wanting to sell you comfort under the guise of "better for your health" (i.e. comfort is the opposite of better for your health.. thats why exercise is hard work and far to little people do it as opposed to kidding themselves and being sold 'comfortable' in its place!).
next medium article: why you should masturbate with the left hand (it frees your right hand to use the mouse)

I use use two mouses. One in each hand at the same time.
I actually do this w/my thumb trackballs a fair amount from time to time speed, precision, and ergonomics plus less fatigue since it's easy to alternate either hand to type w/ or control the mouse cursor. It can be handy when eating or drinking as well. Personally I'd love to see a wireless split key keyboard w/ two columns of macro keys each side and a thumb trackball on each along with maybe a couple of thumb reach macro keys and probably do like Roccac does on the Isku with easy shift. It would be a great device in terms of intuitive design and ergonomics supremacy combined w/modern ease of use and functionality. Companies like Logitech are so far from innovative these days however it's the tired designs w/one or two very subtle copycat change here or there.