Maximus IV Extreme - How to use iDirect from outside your network


Limp Gawd
Feb 11, 2011
[EDIT] The below steps can also be used on the TurboV iPhone app for the P8P67 boards.

So I was thinking, there had to be an easy way of forwarding some ports on my NAT device to get iDirect to work via 3G. Well.... I was right.

Here are the steps:

1 - Forward port 9999 to your PC that is running ASUS Mobilink
2 - Create a new connection in iDirect on your iPhone that matches your WAN IP
3 - Make sure WIFI is selected and choose the new connection you just made

Done, you can now monitor and OC your PC on the go.

[NOTE] I know that not everyone has a static WAN IP, but I have cable and my dynamic hasn't changed in a VERY long time. If it does, just update the connection address.

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