Maximus Formula 12 + 10900K + ?

Jul 28, 2005
Hey folks... question.

I've spent the past few hours looking at things and to be honest.. I'm lost. CL this and that, timings, etc. My brain moved on from the last time I did this and haven't paid attention since then.

I'm building a 10900k/Formula 12 system because I'm not having luck scoring a 5900 or 5950 - and my current i7-6900k is quickly starting to crap the bed after 5 years of a heavy overclock.

I need a suggestion for memory, PLEASE.

Goal: Stable memory, fast memory (maybe) and a reasonable budget of whatever it costs. RGB would be nice but not required. 32gb required, 64 would be nice. Mixed use, VR/Gaming, Desktop and heavy VM and photography/photoshop use.

Questions to go along with the goal: Will I see any noticeable difference between 3600 and 4600mhz memory? I'd like to shoot for faster memory with a slight overclock (maybe) as this build will likely be another 5 year build for me. I'm also lost at the 2 vs 4 stick issue with memory speed.

End question: If I wanted fast memory with 32 or 64gb, either 2 or 4 stick - what should I buy that I can find in stock?

(Thank you!)