Massdrop Minimic (cheap modmic alternative)


Limp Gawd
Sep 25, 2002
I paired the minimic with the Massdrop x AKG M220 pro headphones.

I can't really speak for the audio quality about the microphone but I use it for teleconference over Skype and GoToMeeting with a bunch of people and I haven't heard any negative feedback from anyone yet.

You do now need to deal with two cables (an audio cable and a microphone cable) but that can be mitigated by buying one of those braided cable sleeve.

The microphone is attached via some form of velcro strip in circle shape backed by a 3m tape so it can be detach and re-attach to headphones whenever you need it. The package comes with total of 3 pairs of these velcro fastener so you can use it for 3 headphones from the get go.

This minimic costs $24.99.

I thought I would just post it here in case someone is looking for an alternative cheaper solution to modmic.