March [H]ard Working Boxen poll


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - April 2012
Feb 28, 2011
In the usual course of human history rebellion is common and sometimes necessary. Those of us with down trodden, workhorse boxen deserve love too. Wether it be a naked 4P box or a hacked together machine built from odds and ends or a well engineered salvage box.

It will be a voting thread to honor those boxen which would be left out of that "other" guy's thread. I will accept submissions through march 20th (preferably in image URL form) to give those who wish to participate time to get their pictures in. I will take 3 pictures from submitters of said boxen to be displayed in the voting thread and voting will commence on March 21 until the end of the month.

There is no reward for winning other than the satisfaction that your beast of burden has been honored by your fellow folders.

I will take the first five entrants stating the phrase "I am in"

All other entrants beyond five will be put on the alternate list for this month. In the event that someone in the first five does not qualify then the alternate list will be selected in chronological order of entry.

The Rules:

1.) Sexy boxen need not apply (there is another poll for you out there :D )
2.) This must be a folding rig that you are currently folding on under your name
3.) Borgs are allowed if they are folding for you currently (The usual pande guidelines apply here)
4.) Three pictures Private Messaged to me on or before 12:00AM EST March 20, 2012
5.) You can compete in consecutive polls if a different machine is chosen for the next poll
6.) You may resubmit a winning machine or one that was previously entered into a poll if significant changes were made to the look or layout of the machine.

Please enter into the poll in this thread. A new thread will be made once all the submitters have sent in pictures.

List of entrants:
1.) Untitledone
2.) 402blownstroker
3.) R-Type
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For those who aren't signing up because they don't have an easy way to host pictures you could use
No sign up required just upload the pic and copy and paste the link.

Not my service just someone I use for stuff.
Thanks for the info nwrtarget! Once it is hosted all you have to do is send me the links to the 3 pictures you wish to use in a PM.
Just a bump on the thread. There are 3 people entered and they have all submitted pictures. Anyone else that wants to join in can do so by send me pictures!
Giving this a bump, 2 more boxen are desired to flaunt their stuff!