Magic Leap Ships First Set of Devices Under Tight Security Constraints


May 13, 2013
Bloomberg is reporting that AR startup Magic Leap has been quietly sending its units to software developers with an unusual condition. The units must be kept in locked safes. According to the article At least one company decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and declined a test device. The florida startup has raised more than $2.3 billion, hoping to take down it's top competitor, the Hololens from Microsoft.

Personally, I'm skeptical. Most companies like this do everything in their power to show off what they are working on, and keep the masses hyped and the product on our minds. Hopefully this won't turn into another Infinium Labs. Especially since we covered them using fake videos 2 years ago.

A Magic Leap spokesman confirmed the company has given out a limited number of devices to partners and has not started distributing them widely. Up to this point, the startup has only allowed people to use the product in tightly controlled environments. Investors, potential business partners and journalists who have used prototypes typically have only been able to do so after signing nondisclosure agreements. The persistent secrecy has led to growing skepticism about the company’s ability to execute.
LOL. Come on someone post a pic of the unit sitting in your safe (don't forget to scrub the EXIF data).
Sounds fishy as hell. There have been a lot of products over the years with a lot of hype that turned out to be BS. Wasn't there a video card from the BitBoys (or something along those lines) that had far superior performance? I'm too lazy to do any research...
If the Magic Leap was a real product, it would be available to developers and likely universities. The more software being created, the better.


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Sounds like they're a little worried because Microsoft has had HoloLens units in the wild (and available for demo at certain expos) for a long time.

Heck, the Augmented Reality train has already come to smartphones. If they don't hurry up, they're going to release a product that is behind everybody.
I just made some long drawn out post about how hateful and idiotic all of you were being towards this company before I realized that MAGIC LEAP is not the same as LEAP MOTION...the company that makes the Leap Motion 3D hand controller. What a closely named company to one already in the same AR/VR space.
Probably like this because (guessing here) it uses very easily obtainable hardware with a special bit of software thus is easy to copy..