looking for widescreen LCD


Jan 3, 2003
Could anyone give a recommendation/suggestion for a good widescreen LCD monitor? I've browsed around and most of what I see are combo HDTV/monitors with a 1280x768 resolution, but I'm preferably looking for a pure widescreen monitor with a higher res and of course, excellent visual quality. The Apple cinema displays look pretty sweet, does anyone out there have experience using one of those on a PC?
If you want a competitor to the Cinema Display, look at the Sony PREMIERPRO 23 Wide Flat Panel LCD, or the Samsung 240T 24" Widescreen LCD Flat Screen. Both are 1920x1200 and do not require an ADC adapter to use the monitor, plus they can be controlled in software unlike the Apple display (on a Windows computers at least) Personally for the prices of these displays I would get a pair of 20" Dell 2001FP's and a Matrox Parhelia with Dual DVI to run them both, but your needs are probably different.