Looking for 'value' PC Wireless Gaming Headset


Limp Gawd
Sep 2, 2005
My Corsair HS50's have broken beyond the point of re-re-repair (plastic headband connects to headsets are stupid fragile) :/
Looking ideally for something in the $50-70 range. I'd have bit the bullet and ordered a HS70 from the Corsair Refurb site, but they're showing sold out atm.
All things being equal, I'd prefer reliability/sturdiness/longevity over slightly higher quality of sound... I'm half deaf in my right ear anyway.
Don't care if it has a microphone, if it's removable.
Uses: gaming/mp3 music & watching YouTube
/oh... has something of a big head too

Looking for decent options: considering Steelseries Arctis 1 also perhaps...
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