Looking for printer recommendations


Limp Gawd
Jul 10, 2007
Its been over a decade since I purchased a laser printer and I really don't know much about laser printers so I wanted to ask for some recommendations. There is a recent similar thread on this however my requirements are very different from that member's so I wanted to start a new thread.

My requirements are pretty simple as I'm not even aware of the types of things to look for in a laser printer these days.

  • Laser Printer (No inkjets).
  • Must be Color.
  • Must be capable of either wireless, attaching to a router via ethernet, and/or maybe attaching via a NAS. I have too many PC's and laptops and such around the house that will need to share the printer to have to rely on attachment to just one machine.
  • My machines are "gaming" machines so I prefer to keep them as clean from "bloatware" as possible. I don't want to have to install a bunch of stuff that loads at startup, a bunch of new services running, or other bloatware junk. I prefer it to be as slim and minimal as possible.
  • It would be a "nice to have" if it would also do well at printing photos. Its not a "must have" but my wife would probably like to be able to use it to print photos suitable for framing. However I wouldn't trade a bunch of bloatware or any of the above requirements for that.

My "go to" used to be an HP laser printer (My current is an HP CP1215) but just some preliminary searches here on [H] tell me that HP may not be my "go to" any longer as it sounds like they require tons of bloatware these days which is exactly what I don't want. That CP1215 I have has given me alot of problems over the years as well. Its been pretty good on conserving laser cartridges but its had all kinds of alignment problems.